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SEPOS services

We provide complete and professional services to our customers. These services include consultancy, measuring, transportation and certified mounting. Our main goal is to provide you a high quality products and services that are not limited by order size. Every order is solved individually and is tailored to particular project.

How to choose the right door in six steps

This simple guide aims to facilitate your orientation at our web pages and to help you with choosing your desired door. With regard to aesthetics and functionality, the guide is constructed in order to help you with choosing right door that will meet your demand.

How to choose the right door frame in four steps

If you are looking for new doors, don’t forget to choose a door frame as well - thanks to our buing guide you will manage to choose the right one in four steps.

How to choose the right door fitting for interior doors

Selection of the right door fiting (or handling) will be easier thanks to our simple buing guide.

How to choose the right model of sliding doors

This simple guide aims to help you to choose the right model of sliding doors.

What are the advantages of framed doors?

Are you searching for some doors that are modern, durable, with thoughtful design and great technical execution? On the other hand, you are not willig to pay as much as for massive doors? Framed doors are the right choice for you. You are going to identify them easily, they are not equiped with glazing bars.

Door innerfilling

What kind of innerfilling should be chosen? Look at characteristics and qualities of innerfilling kinds that are supplied for classical interior doors and special doors.

Description of door finishing markings

When choosing the right finishing don´t forget to consider its practical qualities that are relevant for everyday use and treatment. Our brief guide will provide you infromation about the most important qualities of supplied kinds of finishing...

Sizes of building apertures for mounting of adjustable and fireproof frames

Here you will find technical information that are necessary for adjustment of building apertures that are given up to adjustable or fireproof frame mounting.

How to work with the table containing door frames markings

This simple table is going to help you with determining of frame markings.