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How to choose the right door frame in four steps

If you are looking for new doors, don’t forget to choose a door frame as well, because new doors deserve a new frame! It is common that finishing and décor of doors and frames that are mounted in one interior is identical. So it is convenient to buy a door and door frame at the same time. Keep in mind that characteristics of the door frame have to be considered before its instalment, best when the building is under rough construction.

1) choose the right kind of door frame

Make a selection according to characteristics of your interior. Our offer of basic types of door frames contains classical adjustable frames for rebated doors, blank frames that are mounted with the absence of a door wing and covers of metal frame that are going to cover and hide a present door frame.

 TIP: Our offer also contains other kinds of door frames. For example frames for non-rebated doors, fireproof frames or sliding door systems.


2) Choose finishing of door frames

It is customary to choose the same finishing for doors and door frames. The main reason of this choice is to achieve a harmonious interior.

TIP: Be careful about combining different kinds of door and door frame finishing. For example, finish foil with décor of Oak doesn’t look like PVC foiled Oak décor. So this is one of the serious reasons why door and door frame finishing should be the same.

3) Choose a décor

4) Send us question or non-binding demand

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TIP: Determining of frame orientation can be done in quite simple way. If you are watching a left oriented door frame from the front side, you should find hinges on its left side. If you are watching a right oriented door frame from the front side, you should find hinges on its right side.