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SEPOS services

We provide complete and professional services to our customers. These services include consultancy, measuring, transportation and certified mounting. Our main goal is to provide you a high quality products and services that are not limited by order size. Every order is solved individually and is tailored to particular project.

Do you need any help with choosing the right product? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We pride ourselves on professionalism, willingness, precision and reliability of our sales representatives, technical experts and assemblers that are ready to answer you any question about technical or design issues. We are doing business for more than 20 years, so we are well experienced and ready to recommend you the most suitable products.

Individual approach
In case of need we can make an appointment outside working hours as well.

We are going to measure any building aperture if necessary.

Price offer (calculation)
In reference to your demand we are going to make a price offer (calculation) for you.

Thanks to our long term cooperation with leading manufacturers we offer a wide range of products for the same price as manufacturers offer. So you can purchase goods from various manufacturers at low cost. Thanks to our sales network we are in close contact wit our customers. Advantage of sales network is that we have a number of handy storages that are useful for fast solving of orders from our customers.

We are ready to deliver your order by our means.

We possess a network of assemblers – some of them are Sepos employees and some of them are affiliated. These assemblers are well experienced and regularly trained, so we can guarantee a high quality of their work. Our assemblers are available in whole country (Czech Republic).

If you have any problem don´t hesitate to contact us, we are at your service. We provide standard warranty period (2 years) for all products that are delivered by us.