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How to choose the right door in six steps

This simple guide aims to facilitate your orientation at our web pages and to help you with choosing your desired door. With regard to aesthetics and functionality, the guide is constructed in order to help you with door selection, so you will choose the right door that will meet your demand.

1) choose the right model of doors

Make a decision about appearance and design of a door wing in order your doors are in harmony with particular interior.

TIP: Some door models are grouped into collections. Main differences between models in particular collection are in size or position of the glass filling. Thanks to our series you can find a supply of similar door models at one place and it is possible to combine these models from particular series in space of one interior.

2) choose an appropriate finishing of desired doors with regard to character of their use.

Characteristics of door finishing kinds

TIP: Use buttons with names of finishing. By click of the button with selected finishing you can see a supply of decors, glasses and other options that are available.

3) choose a décor (don´t forget to choose a type of glass in case of glassed doors)

Selection of door décor should be done with regard to floor décor and to appearance of other large objects placed in particular interior.

TIP: Our online sampler of glasses should help you to deal better with our supply of glasses and to see differences between various types of glass with focus to their transparency.

4) choose a filling of doors

With respect to door construction you can choose from various fillings.

TIP: Characteristics of filling are going to appear when click on the picture representing particular kind of filling at the detail page of relevant product.

5) choose other attributes of doors

For example: lock spacing, single or double door option and construction attributes of doors (rebated or non-rebated doors).

 6) Send us a question or non-binding demand

If you need any other information about our products, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Call to us or write to us – we are at your service.

TIP: For your questions you can use our simple form that is going to appear when click of the button “WRITE TO US” which is situated to the top-right corner of our web pages. If you are interested in having our price offer, you can send us your non-binding demand through the button “ADD TO YOUR DEMAND” that you can find at the detail page of current product.

TIP: Determining of an orientation of your doors can be done in quite simple way. If you are watching a left handed door wing from its broader side you should find hinges on the left side of this door wing. In case of a right handed door wing you should find hinges on the right side of this door wing.

TIP: Standard single doors are marked with numbers as 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110/197. Double doors are marked with numbers as 125, 145, 160, 165, 180, 185. In fact, these numbers doesn’t represent the real width of particular doors. For example: the real width of the door wing that is commonly marked as 60 is at its narrower side 62 cm and at its broader side 65 cm. The number of door height that is usually represented by 197 cm corresponds to the real height of the door narrower side. Total height of the door wing is 198,5 cm.


if you already made a decision about desired door wing, don’t forget to choose the right door frame and fitting as well. Only then you can be sure that you have a functional and visually harmonized set for your interior.