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How to choose the right door fitting for interior doors

This simple guide aims to help you to choose the right model of door fitting (handling). When look for the right one, you shouldn’t consider only its aesthetical qualities, but also practical qualities. So a model of handle has to be chosen according to usage of particular door wing and according to the room where the door wing is going to be mounted as well (flat, office, hotel etc.). 

1)  choose a kind of door handling according to its aesthetics (a lever on rose, a lever on backplate)

Lever on rose represents a kind of handling construction that is divided into two pieces. Into a lever and a rose that can be round (R), angular (R RH) or oval (R OV) shaped. Mounting screws are covered by the rose. As far as material of handling is concerned we can determine two kinds of material. The first is plastic material (PK) and the second is steel material (KK). Plastic construction of the lever on rose is based on a core from toughened plastic. This material is convenient for any interior with the exception of busy places. Then the lever on rose with steel construction suits more to these places.

The lever on backplate
is advantageous for its lover price.
In contrast with the lever on rose, that is made from two pieces, the lever on backplate just consists from one piece. The backplate of this kind of handling can be angular (HR), oval (OR) or narrow shaped (UŠ).

2)  choose a model of handling

Each model can be purchased with finishing that is available for this model. The supply of finishing includes stainless steel, combination of chromium and stainless steel, matt nickel and brass.
Tip: If you are choosing the right model of handling according to its finishing you can use a filter “choose desired finishing” by clicking of the button that is situated to the left side of the web page with handling supply. Then you can choose any model that is made with desired finishing.  

  Choose a kind of lock (BB, PZ, WC)
There are three kinds of the door lock that are normally mounted into doors. They are marked with particular shortcuts (BB, PZ, WC) and each kind of lock is compatible with different kind of key.

BB - interior lock that is compatible with common interior key


 - interior lock (also called as cillindric lock) that is made from a cillinder and a screw that is going to secure this cillinder

WC - interior lock that has no keyhole. This kind of lock is convenient for bathrooms or toilets. WC lock is equipped with a groove on the outer side. This groove serves for opening of the door wing in case of emergency

4)  if you already chose the lever on rose, you have to select its spacing
In case of the lever on rose a selection of spacing that will be compatible with your door wing is necessary to be done. Spacing represents a distance between the axis of the lever and the axis of the lock (in millimetres). The distance of 72 millimetres is the most common choice, other distances as 90 or 92 millimetres are less common. Be careful, spacing sizes can differ for various standards.
Tip: In our supply of interior doors every spacing sizes that are possible for particular doors can be easily found (at a detail page of doors). So if choosing a door wing and its fitting, sizes of spacing that are possible for this door wing should be found out at first. Then you can choose an appropriate model of fitting.

5)  in case you combined a standard handle with a doorknob you have to choose orientation of this handle
If the standard handle with the doorknob was combined, a selection of handle orientation is very important. The right orientation of any handle can be found out quite easily. Look at the door wing, especially at the side of this door wing that should be equipped with handle. Orientation of this handle can be easily distinguished thanks to its ending. When ending of the handle is situated to the left, the handle is left oriented and so on. Another sign of left oriented handle is that you can open this handle effortlessly only with your left hand. Right oriented handle should be comfortably opened with your right hand:

Shortcuts representing kinds of fitting:

R - lever on round shaped rose
R HR - lever on angular shaped rose
R OV - lever on oval shaped rose

HR - lever on angular shaped backplate 
OV - lever on round shaped backplate
 - lever on narrow backplate

PK - lever on plastic rose
KK - lever on steel rose

kl/kl - fitting in combination handle/handle
kl/ko levá - fitting in combination handle/doorknob left (you have to select orientation of the door handle when demanding combination handle/doorknob)
kl/ko pravá - fitting in combination handle/doorknob right (you have to select orientation of the door handle when demanding combination handle/doorknob)

BB - fitting with a keyhole for normal keys (on rose or on backplate)
PZ (FAB) - fitting that is based on a cylinder (on rose or on backplate)
WC - fitting convenient for bathrooms and toilets (on rose or on backplate)

TIP:  The shortcuts that are mentioned above can be found at the page of particular fitting kind. They can be found in the sheet with prices and their explications in the sheet with product details.