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Description of door finishing markings

What finishing of doors and frames is recommended to be purchased? Albeit appearance and design are the most considered characteristics of doors and door frames, some other characteristics that determine everyday use and maintenance of these products shouldn’t be forgotten. So the next step should be done with choosing the right door finishing. You should consider where the door wing is going to be used. Supplied kinds of finishing don’t differ only in their appearance and structure, but they have also different abrasion resistance.


  • Finish foil

Finish foil represents a kind of finishing which is produced in décors of wood and is convenient for interiors that are not supposed to be busy. The biggest advantage of finish foil is its lover price and wide range of décors that can be purchased. Be careful, this kind of finishing has to be treated only by gentle detergents.

  • CPL laminated standard

Doors with laminated finishing (usually marked as CPL) are supplied in various décors and colours. There is no problem with using laminated doors in busy interiors. Laminated finishing is abrasion resistant and can be easily maintained. Furthermore, its colours are characteristic of long durability.

  • CPL laminated Premium, CPL laminated Exclusive

Laminated doors don’t have to be purchased with standard laminated finishing. You can choose another kind of laminated finishing, for example CPL laminated Premium or CPL laminated exclusive. Some of these décors have 3D structure that mimics the structure of wood (wood texture that looks like gentle ribbing), so they look like the real wood. 

  • CPL laminated Synchro

New generation of laminated finishing that has synchronized 3D structure. So this kind of finishing aims to harmonize wood texture and pattern. Particular décor looks like the real wood and you can feel some similarity with the real wood when touch this décor as well. This foil is 0,7 mm width.

  • 3D polypropylene

Doors that are supplied with the 3D polypropylene foil are characteristic of their three-dimensional structured surface and plastic relief. This foil that has good aesthetical qualities is abrasion and water resistant as well.

  • Lacquered

 Lacquered doors represent a classical kind of door finishing when doors are painted with acrylic colour. Doors can be painted in various colours according to the Classic RAL System. This solution is the most ecologically friendly and the most cost-saving. 

  • Flush lacquered

This kind of finishing is applied on doors by flushing. The surface of flash lacquered doors isn’t as smooth as the surface of classical lacquered doors, but texture of wood stays maintained. You can chose from white colour or any other colour according to the Classic RAL System. This kind of finishing is possible for embossed doors only.

  • PVC foil

PVC foil is used only in case of embossed doors. This kind of finishing is going to accentuate a structure doors. Furthermore, PVC foil is abrasion resistant and easily washable.

  • Soft CPL

Soft CPL represents a kind of finishing that is used in case of framed doors. This kind of finishing mimics wood texture and is abrasion, scratch and water resistant. Furthermore, its colours are resistant to fading.

  • Veneered

Doors with veneered finishing are going to delight every fan of natural materials. Their beauty is based on originality of every door wing. Veneer represents a thin leaf of massive wood that is colour unstable. Colours can be changed in the course of time, so appearance of the door wing doesn’t have to correspond to your original chosea all the time.

  • Massif

Massive wood is going to cause healthy and pleasant climate in your interior. This kind of finishing is characteristic of natural and luxury appearance. Only disadvantage is that colours of massive woods are unstable. This material is changing in the course of time, so according to intensity of incident light its appearance is going to change.